Art in Life Photography

Art in Life Photography...                                                                        gives you a unique perspective in the beauty that surrounds us in every "thing".


I’ve moved around my whole life and never really paid attention to the beauty that was unique to each city that I lived in. It was just the place I was living.  About ten years ago, I decided that for every new place we moved to I would compile a “To Do” list to complete before we moved again.  I lived in Alberta 20 years ago and never went to Banff.  I never went to Drumheller.  I never went alpine skiing.  It took my move to Manitoba to realize skiing in Banff is pretty great - so we made it an annual thing.  Then we moved to another province, and once again left not having explored much beyond the city we lived in. So began the list. Over the last decade I’ve been pretty successful striking off the items on that list and seeing a lot of the beauty our Country has to offer.  Now why not throw in a camera for good measure and capture those moments?  That's just what I did.  I've discovered the 'other side' of the cities I live in, the beauty in the small things.  

I wanted to see the other side.  
Find the beauty off the beaten path.  
I find it every time I go out there 
and it doesn't take much to find it.